Project: Naturgas Headquartes in Bilbao

This building houses the headquarters of the company Naturgas, a listed building in the heart of Bilbao. Whereas the facades of the existing rationalist building have been maintained, the interior has been completely removed and redesigned, creating an open plan, well lit contemporaty interior, according to the phylosophy of the company.

STRUNOR´s intervention took place in several areas of the building. The main listed facade is resolved with JANSEN Janisol Art, a series of steel carpentry new in the spanish market, with minimal steel structural sections and thus giving an appearance of maximum transparency on each unit.

The coutyard facing the neighbouring buildings feature Technal FXI series aluminium windows with insert Renson vent units, and U-Glass facades.

The atrium is formed by a bespoke spiders structural glass curtain wall type, designed by STRUNOR, which closes off all sides of the court. The design follows a geometry dictated by steep generating lines, resulting in a continuous polygonal wall, made up of trapezoidal laminated and Decoreflex printed glass units, continuous over the7 floors height.

Lastly, the skylight covering the inner patio, consisted on a flat skylight, made of structural glass curtain wall spiders again, but this time framing double glazing units.