Project: University School of Education UPV

The new School of Education at the Leioa Campus for the Basque Country University, designed by Cesar Azcárate (idom ACXT), comprises two buildings, each of them with two underground and four above ground floors. Program includes classrooms, workshops libraries, halls, offices, cafe, reception, sitting areas and a large green area.
The main building presents a double skin envelope, being the inner skin made up of Tehcnal’s N’epure windows featuring acoustic double glazing. The outer skin varies depending on the orientation, being it a glass skin on North and South facing facades and aluminium louvres on East and West.
Large span expanded metal sheet louvres in a bright orange finish shape the seconday building’s outer skin.
This is a singular building due to the volumes morphology, but moreover it is an excellent exmple of urban regeneration transforming a derelict plot of land adjacent to the Campus into a perfectly integrated innovative building.




Photograph: Aitor Ortiz