99 Lagasca

Designed by prestigious architectural practice Rafael de La-Hoz, 99 Lagasca is set to become an iconic building for Madrid.

Lagasca 99 is the most exclusive residential block in the capital, introducing a new dwelling concept in the heart of the Salamanca district. A different place to live, with large spaces, natural light, energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

Designed from the inside out, three skins have been created that respond to the rooms behind them. Wood, stone and glass, as a membrane that sifts and regulates to a greater or lesser degree the intimacy and lighting of each of the spaces.

More than a thousand joinery items, comprising fixed lights, sliding and hinged frames make up the enclosure of the building’s interior skin, with flat, partially curved and curved glass; a large part of them in large formats of up to almost 8 m wide by 2.75 m high in the single-storey pieces and 3.16 x 4.75 m in the double-height areas.

The entire perimeter of the building on the ground floor is highlighted with a U-shaped steel fascia on which the glass panes that make up the second skin of the façade are supported, between wooden and stone slats, with dimensions of 2.75 x 6.00 m. in width by height.


Stunor-Reynaers bespoke design aluminium joinery, slab edge structural fascia, internal and external glazing skins, balustrades


10.000 m2

Main Contractor

Construcciones San Martín SA


Rafael de La-Hoz


Grupo Lar




Madrid, Spain